The scamps are intended for riders who are able to ride a horse on their own. In the close neighbourhood of stables there are amazing forests with a rugged topography, meadows and other interesting places.You can take a longer lasting scamp with a break by agreement.

Horse riding schooling for adults

They take place at a riding-hall with an instructor.
In the schooling there is included:

  • learning how to prepare a horse for a ride
  • how to handle a horse on your own
  • how to communicate with a horse both from a saddle as well as from ground point of view
  • to treat and take care of a horse after the ride

The level of schooling is adapted to individual experience of a rider.

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Horse riding schooling for children

There is an individual schooling with an instructor at a riding-hall. For the least ones the lessons are shortened and the horses are led with a lead line. The horses are equipped with grab handles instead of a saddle. The child learns to feel the rhythm of a horse and simple tricks, everything goes gradually. It leads the child to know a good balance. Older and more experienced children handle the horses on their own. Everything, again, is adapted to experience of individuals.

Riding down the horses and pony horses

There is possibility of a short riding down with an instructor at a riding-hall. You can arrange a riding down the horses for children on their school trips, for children from kindergarten or public nurseries.

"Parking pounds"

We offer refreshments at our hotel restaurant for riders who ride their own horses. There are two small pounds for horses opposite the stables where you can give to your horse fresh water.

We plan
- weekend schooling with extreme horse trainers
- public actions, open ponds day
- hobby competition

The pricelist

  • scamps – 1hour/250,- CZK
  • adult schooling – 1hour/350,- CZK
  • children schooling – 1hour/250,- CZK
  • lead line schooling – 30min./200,- CZK
  • riding down the horses and pony horses – 10min./50,- CZK

Season tickets

  • adult schooling: 10hours/2500,- CZK
  • children schooling: 10hours/2000,- CZK
  • lead line schooling: 12hours/1500,- CZK

There are horses of different breed and two pony horses prepared at the stables for your ride. It is good to wear long elastic and tight trousers, a shirt with long sleeves, shoes with a smooth sole and narrow flat heels. We lend protective helmet and riding chaps.


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