Adrenaline activities


You can try airsoft team matches at our hotel area or at the forest play ground. There are mainly two groups of players. The aim of the play is to take the enemy´s flag or to disable all opponents in the match. The type of the game is chosen by our customers.

Airsoft Airsoft Airsoft

As contrasted to paintball the player after being hit by a ball has no colour stain on his clothes but in terms of fair play he has to admit he was hit. The players can choose from different types of weapons which are true replicas of original ones. For every player there is such a kind of equipment available: the possibility of choice of a weapon replica AK 47 TAKTICAL ... There are 2000 pieces per a player, military dungarees, protective gloves, protective glasses or a face mask, distinguishing camouflaged sporting costume. It is an excellent entertainment both for companies as well as for individuals.

Paintball forest pitch

A forest pitch with different cross-country shifts is delimited with a safety identification tape and one side is being netted three metres high. The players use the same equipment when playing paintball at inflated pitch. There are only sporting costumes which have camouflaged colours. The pitch is situated nearly close to our hotel area. The players use natural hides such as trees and cross-country shifts. These games are also interesting for small groups of players.

Paintball Paintball

Paintball Paintball

Paintball inflated pitch

There are 19 obstacles of different form which are inflated and are situated at the grass area of 40x30 metres sized.
The whole pitch is netted witch a safe 3 metres high net. There are 5 players against each other. The equipment for players is above standard. There are available: camouflaged dungarees with elbow, knee and neck protectors sewn in, a thermal non-foggy facial mask, protective gloves, a paintball gun TIPPMANN 98, an air pressure cylinder and colour distinguishing sporting costume. This sport paintball pitch is ideal for arranging of big company´s actions and tournaments. We can organize a company´s tournament for you, tell you precautions and finally we set the winner.

Airsoft shooting range

If you are not interested in any type of airsoft, you can try airsoft at our shooting-range. The shooter shoots comfortably in standing or lying position into a target which is hard fixed on a target frame in the distance of 10 metres from the shooter. It is an ideal entertainment for participants of various seminars, not physically demanding but sure interesting activity.


Archery is simple enjoyment, not demanding, both for individuals as well as for company´s actions. We use sports bows POLARIS which are different stretchy energies. They are both for women and children as well as for men. All protective utilities are available before starting the archery.

Lukostřelba Lukostřelba

Lukostřelba Lukostřelba

AUT cross-country four wheelers

We lend four wheelers KYMCO 300 and SMC JOMBO 300 as a great amusement both for individuals as well as for company´s actions. The four wheelers can be borrowed for an hour or for the whole day with the possibility of a drive out of the hotel area. When you drive out of the hotel area, it is necessary to go accompanied by an instructor. We also organize topical drives in the country-side of Drahanska vrchovina. Then you have to own a driving licence of B category.

ATV - terénní čtyřkolky ATV - terénní čtyřkolky ATV - terénní čtyřkolky

The pricelist of services

The price is only for a shot ball and it is 2.00,-CZK a piece, then equipment, transport, organization, instructors. No matter whether you play in the forest or at the inflated pitch, the price is one and only. Our company provides this service on terms that you guarantee us an outtake of 10000pieces of munitions for the action which runs 15000,-CZK.

One player: 400,-CZK including 2000 pieces of airsoft munitions, equipment, transport, organization of a play and an instructor. The total including the value added tax (VAT) is 480,-CZK.

Five shooting positions including equipment, an instructor and transport run 8.500,-CZK incl. VAT.

Cross-country four wheelers
Five thousand CZK incl. VAT a day: there is lending of one four wheeler, transport, an instructor and fuel included in the price.

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