Hotel Nemojanský mlýn is situated at the foot of Drahanská vrchovina in the valley of Rakovec stream, in the altitude of 285 metres, for about 8 kilometres southwest from the city Vyškov.

The south and southeast part of the land register is formed by lowlands and lays at the edge of Vyškovská brána. The west is formed by mixed forests which are spread towards Brno city and in the north they point into the Moravian Karst. The village is situated at the foot of a peak which name is Martin according to a baroque church of Saint Martin. It is a significant dominating feature of Nemojany village.

Protected landscape area the Moravian Karst (Moravský kras)

Moravian Karst belongs among the most significant karstic areas of Middle Europe. There are known more than 1100 caves at the whole area which only 5 of them are open to the public. There is Punkevní cave with the possibility of a cruise down the little underground river Punkva. You can view the floor of Macocha abyss. Then there is Kateřinská cave which is known for unique stalagmites. Another cave is named Balcarka which has a rich dripstone decoration. The last one is named Sloupsko-Šošůvské caves which are created by huge galleries and underground abysses.

For more information: www.moravskykras.net

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